Computational design and fabrication

Research context:

Terri-Form is a collaborative ‘research by design’ thesis project undertaken by four students in a twelve month Design Studio within the Design Research Laboratory’s Masters of Architecture + Urbanism, run at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London (AADRL). The research was undertaken under the AADRL 2011 Agenda “Protodesign 2” which investigates digital and material methods of computational prototyping in order to develop systemic design applications that are scenario and time based. Within this agenda, the research also responds to the “Proto-tectonics 2” Studio brief written by Robert Stuart- Smith and Yusuke Obuchi that explores non-linear design processes as a medium to generate temporal architecture with a designed life-cycle. Regarding architecture as a product with a life cycle, the Studio interrogates models of production and consumption in architecture, trying to design a building life cycle as a qualitative aspect of architectural production.


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